This evenings show at O2 Academy Islington had two major selling points; Veil Of Maya and Dance Gavin Dance. With both bands playing headline length sets and support in the shape of Thousand Below, it really isn’t hard to see why the show sold out in advance.

Taking to the stage, Thousand Below and chugged and bounced their way around the stage with foot stomps galore. Throwing out tracks like Vein, which showed what huge potential this band has and just how big their songs can be, they opened the night like it was their own headline show and surely amassed more fans.

The first of the nights headliners; Veil Of Maya stormed the stage next, bringing with them a whirlwind of energy in the form of guitarist Marc Okubo. Despite it being their most recent album, the band only played two tracks from False Idol, the majority of their content came from their 2015 album Matriarch, the current frontman Lukas Magyar’s debut.

Though their sound has progressed from deathcore to tech-metal, the band have lost none of their sharpness in the transition. Through tracks like Punisher and Double Speak they showed how much of a unit they are. The performance came together like a well oiled machine and security began to earn their money as crowd surfers came over the barrier. As their set moved towards its end, circle pits began to pop up with encouragement from the band, culminating in Mikasa being a hot, sweaty, shout-a-long.

With the final performance mere minutes away, the crowd began to get restless and the tension began to build in the room. Stepping out onto the stage, Dance Gavin Dance, started off their set with Chucky Vs. The Giant Tortoise which rolled into their recent release Summertime Gladness and the crowd lost its collective sh*t. Arms and legs were everywhere for a few moments as what felt like every person in the room decided to surf the barrier and security were swamped.

Moving through the tracks at pace, the band had backing tracks that played in between each song which acted as an opening for the next one, keeping the momentum going. Both frontmen were hyperactive to say the least with Jon Mess (unclean vocals) doing various dances throughout the performance and Tillian Pearson (clean vocals) grinning from ear to ear.

As the show approached its end the band threw out Man Of The Year and Inspire The Liars which rounded the night off nicely with a rousing sing-a-long. The shouts for more as the house lights came on show the true pull of a band like this, and its no wonder they’ve been at it since 2005. 8/10