Selfish Things are a five-piece hailing from Toronto, Ontario, and consist of Alex Biro (Vocals/Guitar/Piano), Mike Ticar (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Cam Snooks (Rhythm Guitar), Burton Lavery (Bass) and Jordan Trask (drums). The band are set to release their debut EP Vertical Love on the 16th March.

Starting the EP with a palm muted guitar riff, 8147 Mullholland Terrace is full of gang vocals, tight drums and an almost whining guitar that mirrors the vocal melody in a beautiful way. Without You takes the collective in a more personal and mellow direction as vocalist Alex Biro really shows off his ability. The delicate playing during the chorus really allows the vocals to pierce through with their raw and raspy tone, working with the guitar to create a very emotive mood.

Hangman is a track with an anthemic chorus, almost sounding like a cult with the rhythmic pounding drums during the chorus. This is a track that builds and builds as it goes on, resulting in a fantastic finale that has you hitting replay. 1435 begins with a beautiful piano piece that starts off quite a serene song, very easy listening. Yet towards the end of the track the full band comes into play and its a transformation and a half, the song becomes stadium worthy, you can practically see the lighters in the air already.

Selfish Things present a mixed bag with Vertical Love, there’s a bit of everything here, a song for every mood if you will. It’s  an impressive display for a debut EP with a lot of groundwork laid for an even more extensive album in the future. 8/10