With the previous nights cancellation, due to Patty’s injured arm, causing a bit of a glitch in the tour, worry about whether this evenings show would go ahead was thick in the air all day. With two albums behind them and an always expanding, dedicated fan base the night was always going to be a huge affair.

Like Pacific bounded their way through a set of what can only be described as bangers. Not missing a beat, the band rattled off tracks from their 2016 debut Distant Like You Asked, such as Worthless Case and 22A. The latter of which was the standout moment of their set, the crowd involved in every second of it. Finishing up their set, the band went out with Stay Pissed, a further demonstration of their ability to hold a crowd of this magnitude and an impressive performance vocally from frontman Jordan Black.

Hailing from Liverpool, WSTR jumped straight into Featherweight which proved a good indicator of how tight of a unit they are these days. Throwing out a variety of tracks from both SKRWD and Red, Green Or Inbetween such as Graveyard Shift and Lonely Smiles, the band show that they’ve got every right to be playing a so high up on this bill. Footprints proved to be a belter as the crowd got a bit rowdier and a few crowd surfers came out to check the security’s reflexes.

As the crowd mentally prepared for the evenings headliners As It Is to appear, the tension built to an expectant buzz. As the Brighton based band took to the stage, frontman Patty Walters directed to crowd to get up off their feet for the set, and they jumped into Hey Rachel. Throwing out tracks like Concrete and Cheap Shots & Setbacks show how much support the bands previous and debut album Never Happy, Ever After receives as the crowd shout back every word to the tunes.

Slowing things down, the acoustic guitar comes out as they start up Still Remembering which is pretty beautiful with a full house singing along with Walters. The mobile phones come out to light up the venue and its a bit of a wow moment to think just how far this band have come in a relatively short amount of time.

Picking things up again with an encore, the band roll out two huge tracks; Okay and Dial Tones respectively which end the show on the biggest high. The second half of Dial Tones proves the biggest sing-a-long thus far as a burst of confetti turns the venue silver and the crowd turns into a wave of movement. If anything can be learned from tonight it’s that the supports won’t be that for much longer and As It Is have a much bigger future ahead of them. 9/10