With five studio albums behind them already, I Am Human is said to be the bands most personal yet. The record is about being human and the experiences they have, the love in their life and the loss they go through. The band’s guitarist Kevin Gruft touched on this: No matter what your profession or background is, I think you can relate to something on here. Each track is like the chapter of a novel, going through life circumstances and processes we’ve all been through. Everything comes from our lives.”

Starting things off Beautifully Tragic is straight into it with a squealing guitar riff which is damn catchy, but unmistakably Escape The Fate in formula and execution. It’s a familiar opener into this new album, a nod to past work almost.

Broken Heart is very upbeat and a bit of a bouncy track, the chorus is a crowd pleaser without a doubt. Crowds will be singing that at the live shows for sure. This theme carries on into Four Letter Word which gives the guitar-work a chance to shine through but maintains its pop value and catchiness. The vocals in the chorus and on the bridge are quite impressive too actually and it’s nice to hear vocalist Craig Mabitt take charge.

Title track I Am Human is quite an anthemic tune, starting off with a keyboard introduction. The huge gang vocals partaking in a call and response with Mabbitt really make this track when coupled with its beautifully honest lyrics. It’s one of those easy listening and easy to relate to tracks and bound to be a fan favourite.

Certified banger; Empire, brings the album back up to speed with its driving guitars and powerhouse drum beat. Now this is a track I can see the mosh pits opening up for, it’s a party track, with it’s echoing chorus’ and monster riffs the energy in this tune is a recipe for things to get rowdy. Speaking of recipes, the next track Recipe For Disaster is a bit of a heavier track with some harsher vocals breaking out and a guitar solo making an appearance. The chorus is melodic gold though and it’s another huge track for the album.

Let Me Be is a delicate track to end things on, an acoustic guitar complimenting Mabitt’s soaring vocals, with backing vocals thrown in to flesh it out. It’s quite a daring move to end on a track so different to what one would consider to be an Escape The Fate formula for a song. It works though, it’s a massive song and easy listening, easy to hit repeat.

I Am Human is a mixed compilation, the band said it was different and personal, they did not lie it’s definitely both those things. This is arguably more mainstream Escape The Fate, but it’s progress too, it’s not repeating the same record and becoming stagnant. The band have tried something new and it works, it might not work for all the old fans but evolution needs to happen and they will certainly make new fans with this album. 8.5/10