Normandie are a swedish band that formed in September 2013. The band’s new direction after the departure of their heavier co – vocalist is very apparent on their new record Inguz, which is a Viking rune which symbolises a new life phase. Inguz – Gold Edition will feature the original album tracks, follow up singles Ghost and Pay For This as well as alternative tracks that were recorded at Soundtrade Studios. “We wanted to speak for courage to awakening and letting life grasp you into a new perspective,” says singer Phillip Strand. “This album is a reflection of how we want to live our lives, with a goal to affect and inspire people.”

First track, Fight, starts with an intense drumming and clapping which leads into a sort of gang chant, the entirety of this song is driven by the rhythm section. This track is a one you can really fist pump and shout along to, a strong opener to the album. Awakening brings in an electronic symphonic element, the vocals being distorted and layered throughout the bridge, creating an echo which cuts through the ambience. Overall this is a track with a lot of energy behind it, lead by heavy riffs and carrying on the energetic vibes so far.

Loop Hole begins with a buzz, literally. It’s a bouncy track that allows the vocal ability to really shine through during the verses and showcases the drumming ability on this album tenfold. The Deep Cold is what one might consider a more radio friendly track, the soaring vocals and use of synths make for easy listening and subsequently it’s a memorable track.

Starting New comes out of nowhere with a more pop punk vibe which completely changes the direction of the album. The growling bass-line is the real backbone of this song which provides the groove and swagger of this upbeat track. The album returns to its darker undertones with The Storm which is a whirlwind of snarling guitar riffs and hammering drums partnered with echoic vocals to create a really atmospheric track, which is aptly named.

Believe (Stripped version) is a beautiful rendition of the original, the acoustic guitar and keys working perfectly with Philip Strand’s soft vocals, making this version delicate and emotive. Awakening (Live at Soundtrade Studios) is in all honesty not much different to the studio version bar the odd change in intonation vocally which provides a bit more of a raw tone to the song. It’s a very well put together performance, the band coming together as a unit, sounding very polished and accomplished.

After getting to the end of this album it’s honestly hard to understand how this band aren’t bigger than they are. They have a bit of everything on this album and can clearly back it up with their live performance, they are surely headed for huge success if they continue this winning formula. 9/10