When you arrive anywhere in England the last thing you expect to see or need is an inflatable. However when arriving at the venue this evening they were out in force, inflated kangaroos, sombreros you name it, it was there. Hardly surprising though when frontman Mike Duce had requested that fans bring them along after some fans had brought some along to their last show in Exeter.

First to hit the stage was Perth’s very own The Faim, who proved themselves tenfold with their performance, setting the bar very high for the evenings performances. The energy the young band provided was boundless as they worked their way through a set of huge sounding tracks, ending with the massive Saints Of The Sinners. This proved very popular with the crowd, inciting a sing-a-long.

Next to appease the crowd were punk rock band Milk Teeth whose appearance without lead vocalist Becky Blomfield started a murmur through the crowd. Filling in on vocal duties for the rest of the tour, lead guitarist Billy Hutton explained that Becky had left the tour to focus on her wellbeing and that he would do his best in her stead, with their guitar tech stepping up on bass duties.

The band stormed their way through a set comprised heavily from their debut album Vile Child, and their EP Be Nice which was released last year. Crows Feet, Brickwork and Swear Jar went down very well with the audience, with sing-a-longs galore encouraged whole-heartedly by the band.

A series of strobes announced the arrival of the headliners as Lower Than Atlantis took to the stage. They launched straight in with their huge track Had Enough, which instantly had everyone moving and the crowd was deafening. The band really get into the mindset of the fans, joking with them between songs and playing with the inflatables, with frontman Duce putting on a sombrero briefly.

Work For It started up a circle pit after Mike asked for one, explaining that during their European tour in Germany, this track had always been met with pits starting. Switching it up a bit they take things down a notch with an acoustic rendition of Another Sad Song which has Mike standing in a sea of phone lights, the crowd nearly drowning him out. Beautiful.

Rounding off the evening, the guys throw out Here We Go which was the cue for the audience to pull out all the stops. It became a sea of crowd surfers and Mike jumped aboard an inflatable ice lolly, still hammering away on the guitar for the finale. If that isn’t good showmanship, I don’t know what is. 9/10