Based in Nashville, Tennessee, HALFNOISE is the musical creation of Paramore drummer Zac Farro. Farro formed the project in 2010 when he departed the band, he has since rejoined and runs both projects side-by-side. HALFNOISE has released two studio albums and two EPs since its inception.

Title tracks Flowerss starts the EP off with a summery bass groove which compliments this rare sunny day in the UK. The punchy drums and soft vocals work so well with this bouncy track, it’s easy listening for sure. She Said places more focus on the vocals, which soar around the guitar work beautifully, it’s a beautiful summer indie rock tune.

All That Love Is takes the EP in a slightly different direction, this track has a bit of pace about it. The drums and guitar take centre stage in this song, providing more of the driving force, with the rest of the track falling into place around them. My Girl is a soft, electronic led song that really brings out some feeling with Farro’s vocals and lyrics taking the foreground.

You’d never guess the brains behind HALFNOISE is also the powerhouse drummer from Paramore, the musical stylings are just that different. But it works. HALFNOISE are getting bigger and better with every release. 8/10