With their new album Past Lives due out imminently, Against The Current are back in the UK with Australian rockers The Faim. Both bands have been making huge steps in their careers recently and the evenings show has been hot topic.

Kicking off the evening, The Faim, who have been making waves at their recent summer festival appearances show exactly what they have to offer and why everyone’s talking about them. Their recently released EP Summer Is A Curse offers the majority of tonights tracks and goes down a storm, with huge sing-a-longs for Saints Of The Sinners and title track Summer Is A Curse.


Against The Current make their way onto stage playing Strangers Again, which is brand new material but the audience certainly don’t let on as they know every word. The band play their way through a setlist comprised of old favourites such as Running With The Wild Things and exciting new material like Personal, celebrating their development. Their performance is flawless, a well oiled machine, with front-woman Chrissy Costanza bounding around the stage yet not compromising her vocal ability.


As the bands set came to a close they rounded the night off with an acoustic rendition of In Our Bones, which was a perfect send off for the album, and finally Wasteland. These two tracks provided the band a chance to really hearing see the audience connecting with them and their music, the room becoming a sea of swaying hands.