Having only just released a brand new single earlier on in the day, it’s safe to say Crown The Empire had had a productive day by the time their evening show rolled around. Taking place in one of London’s smaller venues, the show was an intimate but rowdy affair to say the least.

Opening the show Japan’s Coldrain showed the venue just what metalcore Japan had to offer and why they have gained so much recognition this side of the globe. The highlight of their set; The War Is On, is a barrage of huge riffs and thundering drums, the performance that the band gives is enough to make one wonder why they’re an opening slot band.

Next up, Volumes arrived onstage to the theme of Jurassic Park. What an entrance. The band opened a couple of mosh pits, their two vocalists inciting the crowd into a frenzy as they stormed about the stage. Feels Good is a tune that brings new heights to the evenings performance as Volumes belt out one of their fan favourites.

The headliners of the night Crown The Empire took the crowd on a trip down memory lane, playing fan favourites galore as they explored their back catalogue. Launching into Are You Coming With Me?, the band show they are here to send this night off right and that they deserve such bigger stages.

Frontman Andy Leo hurtled around the stage as the band pumped out tracks like Zero and 20/20. What I Am and Oh, Catastrophe provide slightly different vibes to the evening. What I Am is re-worked as previous vocalist David Escamilla is no longer part of the line-up, but Hayden Tree’s vocals are a good fit for the track. The band rounded the night out with an encore that included their huge hit Machines. The audience sang along to deafening levels, chanting every word back to Leo and the rest of the band.