The night begins with Endless Heights, however the majority of their set has passed before the bulk of the crowd has entered the venue. Dream State are the first band to have the full venues attention and do they deserve it? Hell yes. Their vocalist CJ is a firecracker of energy, jumping around yet never missing a cue. They storm through a collection of tracks that show why they’ve risen so quickly in the local scene, White Lies is their stand out moment as they close their set.

The Plot In You offered a personal, intimate set as vocalist Landon Tewers showed how diverse his vocals can be. The bands set relied heavily upon content from their 2018 release DISPOSE, which leans heavily on electronic influences and Tewers sound. Ultimately though, the band have little energy to compare with the band previous and after, which results in them falling a little flat.

As the lights dimmed and the piano intro to Drag The Lake began, the band walked onto the stage. Lead vocalist Joel Birch shouted “Kick It” and I can safely say that two words have never had such a reaction from a crowd before, there was a surge of movement towards the barrier as they all moved forward. The Australian metalcore outfit ripped through a collection of their biggest tracks, showing exactly why they have the staying power they do.

I Bring The Weather With Me brought out one of the biggest sing-a-longs during the bridge as the whole audience chanted along to “place the pennies on my eyes, I’ll sleep with the stars tonight”. D.I.E was another chance for the band to see just how well their newest album Misery has been received, as mosh pits galore opened up. Arguably one of the biggest tracks of the evening was fan favourite Open Letter, as the introduction began playing there was a collective murmur, or rather a shout, of approval from the crowd as they realised what track was being played. Vocalists Ahren Stringer and Joel Birch sounded record perfect on this track.

The evening drew to a close on an encore of Holier Than Heaven from their newest album Misery and Pittsburgh from 2014’s beloved Let The Ocean Take Me. These last few minutes were certainly nothing to be sniffed at, as the band bounced around the stage and the audience became a sea of crowd surfers. All things considered, it’s hard to understand why this band isn’t playing to more people, with the success of their studio releases this band has one bright future.