Deez Nuts have just released the newest single, Bitterest End, from their upcoming album; You Got Me Fucked Up. The new album is due for a release October 18th, 2019, preorders are already online.

“It is taking our sound and songwriting to brand new places, but in a very DN fashion” – JJ Peters (vocals).

You Got Me Fucked Up is the album Deez Nuts needed to write. JJ Peters explains:“It’s the breath of fresh air that we and our fans have been sorely missing. The thing that stands out the most about our songwriting, our performance and vibe on this whole album: We finally got our party sound back, but not in the sense of beat to death ‘party’ lyrics. These songs just scream fun.”

The band deliberately picked different locations to write and record the album, despite sticking with Andrew Neufeld as co-producer. “This time we wrote in Toronto rather than New York City and recorded in Los Angeles rather than Boston like we did on the last two albums. The difference the surroundings brought to the album are very much felt throughout its ten bangers.”